Aaron Smalley’s tales of Gen Con

A tale of incredible magic…
The essence storms were particularly violent this summer. Two Navigators, Aaron Smalley and Monte Iafrate, were swept away and landed in the land of GenCon. There, they met so many wonderful people and would like to take this opportunity to thank them.
First, we must thank the Gods of Orhan, “Nicholas Caldwell and his assistant Colin Smith”. Travelling to a new land can be tumultuous at times, but knowing we were supported in our adventures at GenCon made all the difference in the world of Kulthea. The communications we received throughout our travels were always encouraging and supportive. We cannot thank them enough for believing in us during this adventure.
We would also like to thank the Loremasters we met during our quest. The creators Coleman Charlton and Olivia Fenlon beamed with joy upon our ICE campsite. Talking with them about the past was an encouraging catalyst for the years to come. These visionaries looked forward to the future of ICE with supportive words. This is the chant of success for all of us and this is the song of our future. The artistic Bards Foxworth and Ramones spoke about working with ICE and how wonderful those time were for them. Hugs of comradely cheer were strewn about our meetings and it was humbling to be in the presence of such greatness. Margaret of RMC 4 and 7 smiles were rejuvenating and looked back with pride at the work they had accomplished at ICE.
I would especially like to thank the Changramai Monks who helped fight the battle at our table, including Mark Christiensen, Bruce Meyer and Andrew Durston; as well as a little help from a warrior from the land of GaryCon named Kevin Turner. Commerce was the fight they fought and they handled it with knowledge and information for our customers to be successful with their future battles of realism in fantasy. ICE systems that capture fantasy like no other. The knowledge they spoke of made sense to the travelers and it is with hope that they perhaps changed the thinking of all generations of gamers.
We would especially like to thank all the travelers who visited our table. Their journeys were sometimes random, yet others chose us as their destination. The weary travelers were rejuvenated to see ICE still in existence. A phantom from long ago that has proven it will never die. A phantom who has eternally shaped their view and attitude of gaming. They are forever changed to strive for a better game through ICE products.
It is with great pride that I say thank you to all.
Safe travels and Godspeed.
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