A heart warming tale of blood and guts

One of our forum members talks us through how the new Rolemaster Combat Minion has helped him introduce three newbies to Rolemaster. Read the full thread HERE.
I purchased the Pathfinder campaign Rise of the RuneLords and converted it to Rolemaster. I must say this has been some of the greatest fun my group has had. We are an older group that has been together for some 25+ years. This time we brought in three newbies to Rolemaster, but very experienced in other games.
We have a group of six people, Greater Orc Barbarian, Wolfen Paladin, Half Elf Warrior Monk, Half Elf Rogue, Gnome Magician and Goblin Nightblade. Right away the newbies try to bum rush some goblins, thinking “Hey they are goblins”. We warned them over and over to avoid combat and take it slow and easy.
They didn’t die, but had broken ribs, torn ligaments and blood, oh the blood. After the first combat they just looked at the rest of us and “Why the f*** didn’t you ever make us play this game before.”
We laughed and played into the night. The first session went from 430 PM until 2 AM.. Now we are some old timers and need our sleep, but we powered through. The new guys haven’t missed a session and religiously have come back for six straight weeks. We are all having a blast.
I must say that the one thing that made this possible is Combat minion. No way would we have been able to get through all that we have without it. It has made the play seamless and the action intense. I have time to play out the movement maneuvers and relate stories, tell tales and mess with the group.
No more herding them back to the plot because combat takes so long. Combat minion and the campaign along with Rolemaster, what a great relief from the winter blues. Minnesota was cold this winter, but warmed by the Fireballs and Krushing criticals.