49 Market stalls for a fantasy setting

Markets are a common element of fantasy role playing games. They are a great place to pick up a few items for an adventure or for your PCs to make a few extra coins by trying to sell their wares. To help make your next fantasy market a bit more exciting, here are 49 market stalls that you may find in a fantasy setting.
Selling common and more exotic cuts of meat, a butcher is a staple of markets in all settings and time frames.
Cheesemonger / Dairy
Cheese and milk are common food stuffs in fantasy settings and would no doubt be available in any reasonable sized market.
Ranging from selling hard, cheap buns to more artisanal loaves, bread is bound to be available.
If it is close enough to the coast and a ready supply of fresh fish, a fishmonger is another market regular.
Herbs and spices
Probably more common in higher end markets, the dried nature of a lot of herbs and spices mean that people can have a taste of the exotic lands beyond their borders without having to travel.
Plants and Flowers
Flowers and plants will probably be less sought after in a more rural setting. However, there will always be demand, especially for more exotic, strange plants from faraway lands that green fingered locals can try and cultivate at home.
Sold by the glass, bottle or barrel. Wine from across the land available in one place.
Baked goods
While most people will probably bake their own pies and cakes, there will always be demand from hungry travellers and those that are less skilled in the kitchen.
Fruit and veg
Another common sight at most markets, fruit and veg stalls could be selling local produce, exotic items or a mix of both. They will however need to be kept fresh and seasonality may be an issue.
Ordinary clothing
Your run of the mill, cheap clothing seller. A great place to pick up items to wear whilst working on the farm or going about your everyday life.
Fancy / exotic clothing
This stall could provide a higher quality of clothing to wear to an upmarket gathering or could sell strange and exotic clothing from foreign lands. People will likely buy it and wear it for the novelty.
General household goods
That one stall that defies categorisation but sells all the things that you find yourself needing. Cutlery, crockery, pots and brooms are just a few items they are likely to sell.
Leather goods
Because of the size of your average market stall, it’s pretty unlikely that they would be selling anything particularly large, but items such as money pouches, purses and leather armor are probable.
Jewellery / jewels
Some genuine. Some… not so genuine. Jewels and precious metals and items made from both available for often suspiciously low prices.
‘Exotic’ Knick Knacks
To people that never leave their city, town or village, items from foreign lands hold a certain excitement. Whatever it may be, a seller that can pick up perfectly mundane items from one place and sell them on as exotic and exciting in another for a huge profit, is always going to do well.
Magical items
It may be beneath some magic users, but there will always be a market for enchanted items that are going to help people in their everyday lives. Expect to pay a pretty penny and no doubt there will be some dishonest sellers who are selling ordinary items and claiming they are enchanted.
Ironmonger / blacksmith
A wide array of items could be on sale from purely decorative items to things like nails, pans, tools or agricultural implements. There may even be some armor or weapons on sale (though it is unlikely that they would create larger items just on the off chance that someone would buy it).
In a world without electricity, candles and torches are commonplace and in great demand.
Small and ‘exotic’ weapons
A less common stall, this one sells small knives, nunchucks and other more exotic weapons under the guise of them being novelties.
All lengths of rope for all different uses.
A traveller could make good coin simply by picking up messages in one town and taking them with him to the next. A more expensive option would be magical messengers.
Furs and pelts
Whether they are used as rugs, bedding or to make items of clothing, there is likely to be a lively trade in furs and pelts. People will no doubt be willing to pay a lot of money for those from rarer and more exotic creatures.
Medicines and potions
Whether it is an ailment that can be cured by extracts from ordinary plants or something that requires some magical intervention, there will no doubt be a seller at the local market. There may also be potions to give you magical abilities or… poisons on offer.
Pets, animals and exotic creatures
Your everyday pets may be on offer at the local market. However, there may also be the opportunity to buy other, more exotic pets. No doubt some unwitting purchasers will end up with a creature that does not like to be ‘kept’.
Maps and guides
Whether you want a map to travel, to look over or simply to mount on your wall, this stall has it all. Maps from the most far flung places in the world and a ready network of guides to help you get where you need to go.
Musical instruments
Musical instruments are commonplace and popular, so there is no reason to think that they wouldn’t be available at the local market. The more intricate and expensive instruments are likely to only be found in the more up market markets.
Every market, everywhere has a stall selling things that make little children go “I want one of those!”
From wooden cutlery and crockery to chairs and tables. Everything you need, made out of wood.
Fortune teller
In a fantasy setting where magic exists and people can use it to look into the future, fortune tellers (even the frauds) will do a roaring trade.
Lots of books on lots of subjects in lots of languages. Whether it is a local history book or a book of forgotten lore from across the seas, this stall has it all. Book stalls will only really be popular in literate communities so a small town market where people are poorly educated is unlikely to have one.
Paper and ink etc
Among the higher end markets, you are likely to find a stall selling paper and ink and everything associated with writing.
Firewood and accelerants
This is more for very urban settings. With fires being a mainstay of life, it seems probable that there would be people selling all the things you need for a roaring fire.
Guild representatives
If it is a large enough market, you may have individuals from the merchants guild in attendance to check that everything runs smoothly and that everyone is an official licensed guild member. For larger markets that feature a lot of one profession (ie butchers), you may also have representative from those guilds.
Runes and spells
Depending on the use of magic in your setting, it may be that there are purveyors of spells or runes in markets selling magical abilities to those that can afford it.
High end markets are bound to have at least one stall selling art. In some cases these may be genuinely great works. It seems more likely though that the majority will be cheap knock offs or fakes sold to gullible aristocrats.
Similar to the art stalls, antiques stalls are more likely to be found in the more affluent areas. They will also no doubt be rife with fakes and forgeries.
Materials of every type and buttons, threads, needles etc. Everything you could need for making or fixing your own clothes at home.
Soaps and incense
Another stall found more often in high-class markets. Soaps, incense, perfumes and everything to make someone or somewhere smell a lot nicer.
Betting and gambling stalls
Maybe these stalls won’t be allowed in ‘nicer’ markets, or maybe they’re ‘just a bit of fun’ but people will always want to make a quick coin even if it means others losing theirs. In the less reputable markets these games may even be rigged.
Sold by the mug or the barrel. Small towns without their own brewers will definitely be interested, and there’s always time for a quick drink before, after or while you shop.
From homebrewed moonshine that will make you blind in one eye to the most delicious drinks from halfway across the world. People will always want to drink, get drunk or try new things (and sometimes all three) which is why this stall does so well.
Money lenders
Perhaps the money lending will go on behind the scenes, perhaps the merchant is open about his dealings. Wherever there is spending, there will be money lenders.
Looking to go somewhere? The travelling markets are a good way to stay safe on the road. There are some who will even provide food, drink and somewhere to sleep as you travel. For a fee of course.
Glass items, even just decorative ones are very popular in the real world and would probably be so in any fantasy setting. It would probably only be found in more reputable markets though where people have enough money to afford it.
Slaves / servants
This one depends a little on your setting. If slavery exists, then the trade in slaves will be a big one. If it doesn’t, the trade in ‘servants’ might be an alternative.
Again this depends on your setting. Are establishments where you can buy (ahem) companionship common? If so, them branching out into a market stall isn’t completely unreasonable.
Live chickens, ducks, geese etc
As well as butchers, you are likely to find people selling live animals not as pets, but as food, farm animals or breeding stock.
Religious rites and blessings
Depending on the religions in your setting, some priests or religious people that are down on their luck may sell their services at local markets. Some of these may be genuine and have a good affect on the purchaser. The majority are probably not.
Horses / beasts of burden
In larger markets you will probably find people selling horses and other beasts of burden. Even if no one is specifically selling them, you will probably find someone willing to part with their animal for the right price.
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