Product Category: HARP Fantasy rules expansion

HARP Bestiary

Ready your weapons and your spells to battle the fiends, dangerous and diabolical, described in this tome. Learn of the mundane and supernatural perils that prowl the wildernesses of the world.

HARP Folkways

Create your own unique cultures by defining how they handle matters of kinship, authority and the supernatural, how they dress and what they eat, and more. Worked examples include cultures from Shadow World and Cyradon.

HARP College of Magics

College of Magics introduces new types of magic (natural magic, alchemy, and enchantment), includes rules for creating new spells and of course offers new professions (Elementalist, Vivamancer, Thaumaturge and Necromancer).

HARP Martial Law

Martial Law expands the fast, dramatic combat of HARP Fantasy to include hit location criticals, a section on creating and playing warriors in fantasy settings and cool new moves and equipment for fighters.


Loot, the stuff that brings a gleam to an adventurer’s eye. What is it and where do you find it? What do you do when it breaks? How do you convert it to cash? What is the newest and hottest loot around? This book has the answers.