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Iron Crown Enterprises at Dragonmeet

  ***EXCITING NEWS***   Iron Crown Enterprises will be officially returning to the world of roleplaying conventions starting with this year’s Dragonmeet, London’s (and probably the UK’s) foremost roleplaying, boardgame, collectable card game and now miniatures convention.   While the specifics are still up in the air, we have some big plans for our return […]

Iron Crown Newsletter – May 2013

Ordinarily I’m not a fan of this time of year. I think somewhere down the line, one of my great ancestors must have been a polar bear and as such I tend to spend the hotter months growling at people for suggesting that it would be “nice” to go and sit outside in the sun. […]

Iron Crown Newsletter – April 2013

This month saw Iron Crown Enterprises first EVER (that I’m aware of) April fools joke. It may not have been particularly sophisticated but I thought it was pretty good. For those of you that got your hopes up, I’m afraid we will not be releasing Rollmaster, a supplement explaining the various ways of rolling dice. […]

Rolemaster 30th anniversary competition

Last year we started a long line of competitions to celebrate 30 years of Rolemaster, and now we’re finishing them! So far we have completed Arms Law competitions and (almost) completed the Spell Law competitions. We’ll then move on to Character Law, Treasure Law and Creature Law. Winners from these contests will then be voted […]