Product Tag: Spacemaster 2

Disaster on Adanis III

Disaster on Adanis III is a Spacemaster adventure module which includes information about the struggle for control of Adanis III. As disaster strikes, three adventures involve you in the intrigue and desperate rescue effort.

War on a Distant Moon

War on a Distant Moon includes descriptions of the worlds and cultures of the Darran province, star charts and terrain maps, current events and important persons, and 5 adventures that place you in the center of the action!

Legacy of the Ancients

LEGACY OF THE ANCIENTS includes detailed descriptions of the massive colony ship Azyr Nebula, the barren planet Thurzaj, the belligerent Urygan race, and five adventures full of action and intrigue!

League of Merchants

League of Merchants details the structure of an interstellar network of outlaws, coordinated by a council of master criminals. Corporations controlled by the League, divisions of operation, bases and important members are included.

Spacemaster Companion 2

Spacemaster Companion 2 includes new professions, a new system for using psychic powers, new rules for Cybernetics, hundreds of weapons and devices, new attack and critical tables and much more.

Armored Reserves

A Vehicle Compendium for Armored Assault. Complete stats for 30 vehicles, ranging from a humble 18 ton supply truck to a 90,000 ton robotic juggernaut, 4 new Powered Armor Suits, specs for 6 new combat aerocraft and more!