Product Tag: Rolemaster Standard System / Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing

RMFRP Arms Law

Arms Law includes 29 individual weapon attack tables, 13 special attack tables, and dozens of critical strikes, and fumbles and can be used with Rolemaster or any tabletop role playing game of your choice.

Guild Adventurer 1

The Guild Adventurer is a compilation of adventures and adventure-related material for Rolemaster, Shadow World, Spacemaster, and HARP. This rich and diverse set of scenarios will put the adventure back into your game.

Castles and Ruins

Castles and Ruins is a sourcebook for Rolemaster Standard System and compatible with Rolemaster Fantasy Role-Play. It includes the history of castles, their construction and how they age to become ruins.

RMFRP Races and Cultures

Races & Cultures gives you everything you need to design unique, exciting and diverse characters. Included are all the core races as well as many humanoid (including centaurs), and fey races like the Dwelf and the Pech.