Product Tag: Cyberspace

The Body Bank

A Character Compendium for Cyberspace. This Cyberspace Character Compendium provides you with 27 down and dirty NPCs, ready to be dropped into any cyber campaign.


Adventure module for Cyberspace. This Cyberventure Mission File provides all you need to run four complete Cyberspace adventures. You’ll find sample PCs, GM information, NPCs, and schematics for each scenario.

Death Game 2090

Adventure module for Cyberspace. Everything you need to run a set of linked adventures using the Cyberspace game system. Each adventure section also provides the Gamemaster with background, NPCs, and schematics for each scenario.


A tabletop RPG set in the corrupt, dirty Earth of 2090 AD; where Megacorporation repression meets Sprawl street warfare. From the polluted cities to the surreal beauty of the global computer matrix, this is Cyberspace.


A Character Compendium for Cyberspace. CyberRogues contains 30 characters with personal data and descriptions, stats, specs, skills and languages. All listed with their corresponding bonuses.

Cyber Europe

A Campaign Sourcebook for Cyberspace. This book provides you with a wealth of material on the Europe, NPCs and organizations, information on warfare and an adventure which takes players on an epic quest.

Chicago Arcology

A Campaign Sourcebook for Cyberspace. This book provides you with a wealth of setting material, NPCs, organizations, a description of the Arcology Mall and three scenarios introducing players to the Chicago Arcology.