Product Category: HARP Fantasy e-Support

AutoHARP Folkways

AutoHARP Fantasy: Follkways is an add-on database (drawing upon the HARP Folkways supplement) for the AutoHARP Fantasy software. The database file includes all the new professions and races introduced in HARP Folkways.

AutoHARP Fantasy: Martial Law

AutoHARP Fantasy: Martial Law is an add-on database for AutoHARP Fantasy. It includes new combat rules, skills, items, combat styles, talents and more. It also adds new critical tables and attacks by location to the combat tracker.

AutoHARP Fantasy

AutoHARP Fantasy combines a Character Creator and Combat Tracker. With a wizard for creating characters, the ability to create, edit and save encounters, customize HP and PP and track all spells, attacks, initiatives and statuses.

AutoHARP Architect

AutoHARP Architect is an add-on application to AutoHARP with which you can customize already existing databases for HARP Fantasy and HARP SF or create your own customized database for either system for use in AutoHARP.