Metal Express creates and sells Silent Death and Bladestorm products. Licensed by Iron Crown Enterprises, the company is managed independently and has been doing some great work in getting these two great ICE products back to market.

Bladestorm is a fantasy skirmish-style tabletop game where each miniature represents a hero or monster. The game uses six-sided and ten-sided dice to determine outcomes when attacking, inflicting damage, and maneuvering on the playing surface.
The system is simple and fast-paced thanks to a unique approach to combat situations. When rolling dice to attack another miniature, the result also determines the amount of damage for a successful attack.
Twenty-five years after the first edition was released by Iron Crown Enterprises, Metal Express have just released a completely redesigned, corrected, colorized, and expanded Second Edition.

Silent Death: The Next Millennium
Silent Death: The Next Millennium is an exciting, quick-playing, and easy-to-learn table-top game of star fighter combat set against the backdrop of a disintegrating high-tech empire in the far future.
The universe of Silent Death: TNM is our own future 9,000 years from now. Space travel is common for those species that hold the technology, and humans have come to live on hundreds of worlds across the Orion arm of our galaxy.