Fantasy Grounds

Fantasy Grounds is a virtual tabletop (an application acting as a virtual online gaming table) primarily intended for pen and paper style narrative role playing games. Fantasy Grounds is designed to perform many of the things you would do while playing at a conventional gaming table including character creation, handing out sheets, maps and notes, combat resolution, roll dice and keep track of all game information. Run games as the game master or take part as a player, the application provides all the necessary tools to communicate, manage information and perform tasks.
Fantasy Grounds currently supports Rolemaster Classic (RMC). The ruleset includes the complete text of the core Rolemaster Classic rules: Arms Law; Spell Law; Character Law; and Creatures and Treasures. In addition you can purchase adds ons including Fantasy WeaponsThe Armory, the HARP adventure module ‘A wedding at Axebridge’ and the Rolemaster adventures Shadow World: Tales from the Green Gryphon Inn and Dun Cru.
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The Rolemaster Classic ruleset includes:

  • Fully automated look-up for combat and spell rolls: resolve attacks and spell results in just a few clicks.
  • Resolve critical strikes and spell effects, plus fumbles and spell failures with ease.
  • Supports optional rules to add depth and flavor to your Rolemaster campaign.
  • Drag and drop weapons, skills and spells directly onto your character sheet from the core rule books.
  • Automate the combat sequence, with a fully-featured combat tracker linked to graphical battle maps.
  • Automation for many character creation and levelling options

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ICE continues to work with Fantasy Grounds developers to improve the offering and hope in the future to support other Iron Crown Enterprises games, settings and adventures. For more information on Fantasy Grounds please visit

Fantasy Grounds Walkthroughs

If you’re new to Rolemaster on Fantasy Grounds and need some hints and tips, or if you’re not sure about the whole virtual tabletop thing and want to find out more, check out these brilliant walkthroughs. The videos are all under half an hour and cover the following topics:

Character generation example – Fighter
Character generation example – Magician
Combat run-through
Creating and using parcels
The party sheet
Levelling up
Running encounters
Using maps and images
The combat tracker
Advanced combat
The character sheet
Creating and using items
Creating and using NPCs
Tips, tricks and miscellaneous
A huge thanks to Steve for putting these videos together. If you’re still not sure about Fantasy Grounds, Steve also produces actual play videos of Rolemaster in Fantasy Grounds which you can watch HERE.