AutoHARP combines a Character Creator and a Combat Tracker and is available for both HARP Fantasy and HARP-SF.

The Character Creator comes with a full Wizard for creating new characters, full support for Adolescence and profession rank selection, talent selection for certain professions, easy access to character traits, ability to print full character sheets with avatars, frequently used skills, RR information, Initiative information, BMR information, offensive attacks: both melee and missile, skills, spells, equipment and a fully customized database written in XML allowing the user to easily adjust information to specific worlds or house rules.

The Combat Tracker has the ability to create, edit, open and save encounters, create, edit, import or duplicate characters which make up an encounter,AutoHARP SF RPG Software customize the character’s level, hit points, power points, Stamina, BMR, Armor, talent and shield DB, size, focus item, casting penalty, as well as create a character that doesn’t take stun, penalties or bleeding criticals and keep track of all spells, attacks, maneuvers, initiatives, character statuses, etc.

The download contains the HARP Fantasy/HARP-SF database and for convenience, a copy of the executable software application. In addition you can buy a number of add-ons to the original download.

AutoHARP Fantasy e-support package

AutoHARP Fantasy

Auto HARP SF esupport product


AutoHARP Fantasy College of Magics esupport package

AutoHARP Fantasy College of Magics

AutoHARP Fantasy Martial Law esupport package

AutoHARP Fantasy Martial Law

AutoHARP Folkways esupport product

AutoHARP Fantasy Folkways

AutoHARP SF Xtreme esupport product

AutoHARP SF Xtreme

You can also purchase AutoHARP Architect to customize your databases, a bundle of all the supplements for AutoHARP Fantasy and a bundle of AutoHARP SF and AutoHARP SF Xtreme.

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