Role Play Gamers are a varied group and here at Iron Crown Enterprises we know that while some people love Rolemaster’s gritty realism, others prefer HARP’s quick and simple playability. In the same way we understand that while some people love scratch paper, friends round a table and the feeling of holding your dice in your hand, others are keen to use modern technology to remove some of the less exciting aspects of gaming so that they can get on with enjoying their Roleplaying. That is why we have put together a suite of e-support packages to help role play gamers and GMs make the most of the Roleplaying experience.

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Character creation and combat tracking all in one easy-to-use application. Available for both HARP Fantasy and HARP-SF.
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ERA for Rolemaster

A free application to manage every aspect of your Rolemaster characters from creation and levelling up to resting, resistances, combat and spell casting.
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Fantasy Grounds

A complete virtual tabletop with a Rolemaster Classic ruleset available. Run your entire game online quickly and easily.
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Rolemaster Combat Minion

A free web app to help streamline the entire combat process, including initiative, combat calculations, attack and critical tables.
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