Product Tag: Spacemaster Privateers

Spacemaster Blaster Law

Blaster Law is the complete guide to energy weapons and their use in combat. It includes 13 Laser Attack tables, 13 Blaster Attack tables, 10 Plasma Weapon Attack tables, 5 Sonic Stunner Attack tables, 20 Critical and Fumble tables.

Guild Adventurer 1

The Guild Adventurer is a compilation of adventures and adventure-related material for Rolemaster, Shadow World, Spacemaster, and HARP. This rich and diverse set of scenarios will put the adventure back into your game.

Spacemaster DataNet 8

Enhance your Spacemaster: Privateers game with optional rules including fear and influence attacks, life in space, realities of interstellar space, artificial worlds, NPCs, black market tech and more.

Spacemaster Privateers

Spacemaster Privateers is the ultimate science fiction role playing system. In the dynamic Privateers setting you and your players play a part in the last, desperate gamble to win a war against an evil driven by insanity.