Product Category: Rolemaster

RMFRP Races and Cultures

Races & Cultures gives you everything you need to design unique, exciting and diverse characters. Included are all the core races as well as many humanoid (including centaurs), and fey races like the Dwelf and the Pech.

The Toyman’s Fair

The Toyman’s Fair is a complete adventure module for Rolemaster. It is designed for adventurers from levels 8-11, but guidance is given on how to scale the encounters for both lower and higher-level parties.

The Iron Wind

The Iron Wind recounts the tale of Elor Once Dark, a famed Loremaster who traveled to the chill land of the Mur Fostisyr, snow-clad isles surrounded by cruel glaciers and treacherous icy wastes.

Creatures and Treasures II

Creatures & Treasures II offers descriptions and stats for hundreds of beasts, Composite Monsters, Artificial Beings, and Entities from Deep Space! Also included are guides for generating treasure and magic items.