HARP Fantasy – a Gold pick on RPGNow

HARPIron Crown Enterprises is thrilled to announce that High Adventure Role Playing (HARP) Fantasy is now a gold pick on RPGNow.
With only 94 other products achieving this accolade, HARP Fantasy is now part of a very elite group.
A huge thanks to everyone who has bought and supported HARP throughout the years. We hope it has been as much fun to play as it has been to work on.
If you’re a fan of HARP, you’ll be glad to hear that we’re currently working on the brand new HARP Bestiary. While it is still early on in the production process, you can sign up to our mailing list and we’ll keep you updated on our progress and let you know the second it is available.
If you haven’t played HARP already, here’s why it has become one of the best selling products on RPGNow:
HARP Fantasy brings you everything you love about fantasy role-playing: flexible character creation, exciting combat, critical hits, potent magic and challenging foes.

  • Fast, Exciting Character Creation – choose from nine professions, six races, and seven cultures, and dozens of skills and talents
  • Combat that leaves you breathless with one roll combat resolution
  • Truly flexible and dynamic scalable spell system
  • A bestiary of diverse monsters to challenge any adventurer
  • A veritable treasure hoard of magic items, mystical herbs and deadly poisons
  • Rules for fantasy adventuring and guidance on customising the rules to suit your needs
  • Everything you need to play in one book

In addition you can purchase HARP Martial Law and HARP College of Magics to expand on combat and magic use within your HARP game. As if that isn’t enough, you can also get AutoHARP Fantasy, an e-support package that combines a character creator and combat tracker to help make your gaming experience as quick and hassle free as possible.