Iron Crown Enterprises Director's Briefing

Director’s Briefing – June 2024


To the one hundred-and-fifty-fifth Briefing and sixth scheduled Briefing of 2024. Unexpectedly late this month, so I will be brief.

Gen Con 2024

Do remember to contact Colin if you are intending on running Rolemaster or HARP (or Spacemaster or any other ICE games). We do want to publicise your games ahead of time, and if you are willing, we will publicise your after-action reports!


Jonathan has been doing his bit to drive Nick M. crazy – I mean he has been having a spiral run of tracking down residual glitches in the master layout and having them purged by Nick. I am looking for residual glitches as well. Fingers crossed that we can find them all (and that they stay removed) so that we can order the print masters very soon.

Software – ERA

A whole bundle of updates have been made to ERA – and this is reflected in updates to the base software as well as many Rolemaster datasets and the Spacemaster: Privateers. As always, please download the new versions at your convenience – if you have set your DriveThru account to allow you to receive publisher emails from us, you will have had a series of update messages.

Software – AutoHARP3

AutoHARP3 Fantasy base package, and the Martial Law and College of Magics datasets were released last month. I know that the discount codes were received (because I could see purchase orders coming through even before the datasets were released.) If you did not set your DriveThru email preferences to receive email from ICE, please ask Colin very nicely for the codes.


Colin has been very busy commissioning the artwork for Banecroft: The Mage’s Tale and these will start arriving very shortly. Banecroft will have stats for HARP and RMU.

Joel Lovell has been showing off his layout skills and letting us what HARP SF The Poseidon Gambit currently looks like. This is an adventure module set in the Tintamar universe for HARP SF. Joel has also been creating the artwork and cartography for this, and there are some fierce life forms in the oceans of Poseidon.

Until next time

Please stay safe and keep gaming.

Best wishes, Nicholas

Director, Iron Crown Enterprises Ltd

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