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The Lawbringers
« on: September 13, 2010, 11:25:43 AM »
     The Lawbringers, as a military unit, are relatively new.  The concept of a group of fighters paladins and priests dedicated to enforcing Mithrallon's laws, however, dates back hundreds of years.  Of all of the political units in Arrylon, it is possible that the Lawbringers are among the most fanatical.

     Many groups and priesthoods carried out what has been called Mithrallon's Justice since the end of the Great War.  In fact, every paladin of Mithrallon considers it one of his duties to bring wrongdoers to justice.  However, an organized military force for that express purpose did not exist before 3175 WR.
     The Confederation, in response to a rapidly rising crime rate within it's borders commissioned the Lawbringers.  the church of Mithrallon in Yolengrad became their headquarters, and the charter of the Lawbringers requires every member to swear loyalty to Mithrallon.  There are none in the Lawbringers who do not worship Mithrallon, and many worship him alone.
     In the more than one hundred years since their inception, the Lawbringers have spread their influence throughout most of the Northwest of Arrylon.  A regular detachment has been stationed in Curran Lee.  Many independent Lawbringers range the Audun wastes, tracking down those wanted criminals who fled West to escape justice,  The crime rate in Amara has dropped considerably since the Lawbringers were formed.

     The Lawbringers are, according to the charter, a militant branch of the church of Mithrallon.  they hold traditional military ranks, but all ranks are subject to the priests of Mithrallon.  At present, there are approximately three thousand Lawbringers in Arrylon.

     Anyone who wishes to become a Lawbringer must worship Mithrallon, even if it means conversion from another religion.  Prospective members are given a thorough background check, and if any past crimes come to light, they are refused entry.  Only people with an intense streak of goodness and an understanding of the necessity of Law can become Lawbringers and dispense Mithrallon's Justice.  Should anyone commit a crime while acting as a member of the Lawbringers (save where circumstances require it, such as when working undercover), he is responsible for turning himself in and accepting punishment.  Any Lawbringer who kills without orders will face a council to determine if the death was unavoidable and warranted.  If either of these conditions are not satisfactorily met, the offender is put to death.

Important Members of the Lawbringers

Cardinal Tevyn Pierce
     Cardinal Pierce is the highest ranking member of the church in the Lawbringers capitol of Yolengrad.  His early life was spent in quiet study of the laws of Amara (all of the different countries of the Confederation), and the Laws of Mithrallon.  He believes in Mithrallon as judge and bringer of peace.
     It was not hard for Cardinal Pierce to respond to the call to become a Lawbringer, and he has faithfully served all of his life.  However, there have been rumours of corruption, which the Cardinal has not offered comment upon.
     Since becoming Cardinal ten years ago, he has spent much of his time adjusting the organization of the Lawbringers and interviewing new recruits.

Captain David Amethyst
     Captain Amethyst bears no relation to the family of fame.  He is at best merely a distant cousin.  He joined the Lawbringers because could think of no other more appropriate use of the abilities Mithrallon gave him as paladin.  He is a stern man, but quiet and slow to anger.  He takes his work seriously, and tolerates no breach of law or regulation.
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