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The Atlas of Arrylon
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     Dominara lies in the Northeast of Amara, between the mountains of the Irenier range and the Myr Ilyrene.  It is a small kingdom of fertile grasslands rising into the foothills, small streams and pleasant cottages dotting the land.  It's people are primarily shepherds, some few are farmers who grow barley and wheat.  A large portion of it's population lives in Ascension and the Lady's Town where is also found the High Temple to Lady Wesley.  As befits a land that gave birth to a goddess, Dominara is ruled by a theocratic council of priests.  The High Septon is almost always a female.  The people of Dominara are generally good-hearted, though they take little interest in the conflicts of the outside world.

     Theocracy, The Ruling Council of the Church of The Lady.  Nine clerics form a ruling body, elected from among the elders of the Church of the Lady.  They are led by the High Septon.

     Ascension (pop 3,901):  A moderate sized coastal town with a small, protected harbor.  During the height of the Caladynian Empire it was a popular stop for merchants plying the Myr Illyrene.  Currently it shelters the tiny Dominaran fleet and offers sanctuary to the boldest sailors of the North Seas.  The Theocratic Council meets in the Hall of the Lady, located in the heart of the city.  A thriving merchant business exists around the center of the government.

Other Major Centers
     Lady's Town (pop 899): A small town on the coast, about a half day's ride from Ascension.  Here is the High Temple of the Lady, which holds some of the greatest archives of healing and medical lore in all of the North, as well as a clergy dedicated to teaching the healing arts.

     Small, mostly human.  about 4% are dwarven merchants, and an even smaller portion of foreign folk.  They speak a northern dialect of Amaran, similar to that spoken in Bruhn.  The majority are shepherds.  the land is home to large flocks of sheep, and a thriving wool trade.  Farmers growing winter wheat are also common.  Professions such as healers and herbalists are likely, while brewers make a modest trade in Winter Ale.

     The cult-like religion of Rosalind Wesley is the center of Dominaran faith.  There are a few small shrines to Mithrallon scattered about and a few to Feadre herself.  The average Dominaran, however, is strongly dedicated to the Lady.  Dominarans are innately gifted healers.

Land and Climate
     Primarily plains, except as one approaches the Irenier range.  There immense pine forest stretch up to the sky.  The lower coastal region is dotted with small villages and well ordered fields.  The coast is rocky, buffeted by winter storms, but generally the land is well protected from the sea.  The weather is mild, but winters are very cold, and snow is common.  Wildlife is abundant, but the few goblin tribes that still roam Irenier rarely venture within Dominara's borders.

     The Army is very small, composed almost entirely of conscripts, with clerical soldiery to lead.  Stout defenders of their homeland if they are pressed, they are not generally well regarded by militia in neighboring countries.  They are seen as ill-equipped, ill-trained cowards whoa re loath to shed blood.

     Dominara does not have a rich history as it has been on the edge of most of the great events of Amara.  Its greatest claim in the divine transformation of Lady Rosalind Wesley, a local noblewoman who was known for her kindness and healing arts, who stole the heart of Mithrallon himself.  Beyond a few small skirmishes with goblin bands and Githyan corsairs, Dominara hasn't been touched by war.  It enjoyed friendly relations with Caladyn throughout that nation's history, but was never officially part of that empire.  There were some in Caladyn who claimed the region, considering it part of Bruhn, but no attempt was ever made to enforce imperial tax laws or conscriptions.

     200-500 WR: Sporadic battles with goblin brigands
     599 WR: The Ascension of Rosalind Wesley
     636 WR: The Theocratic Council assumes governmental control over the city of Diandril, rechristen the town 'Ascension.'
     1008 WR: A trade pact is signed with the dwarves of Irenier
     1020 WR: The Battle of Sullglade sees the defeat of the largest goblin invasion in Dominaran history by an allied force of Dominarans and Irenier dwarves.
     1330-1400 WR: Exiles from Irenier seek sanctuary in Domniara.
     1808 WR: The plague spreads through Amara.  Bryce Wallace attempts to put into port at Ascension, but is driven off by Githyan raiders.

     Dominarans celebrate the holiday of the Lady's Ascension, in addition to other holidays.
     There is an old law on the books that punishes those who refuse aid to the injured.  This law is largely ignored now, but as a country of healers, it is usually easy to find healing anywhere within its borders.  Exorbitant prices for healing services are outlawed by the Theocratic council.
     To speak ill of The Lady was once a crime punishable by death, now the penalty is exile.  this law is only invoked, though, in extreme circumstances.
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