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What follows is a brief timeline of events starting with the creation of the world, and running until the present day.  Only the most major events are covered.

All dates are given according to the Elven Calendar.  When the other calendar systems assign their year 0, such will be noted.

0 I EC: Arrylon is created (best guess).  The Age of Wonder begins.
2929 I EC: The First Elven Civil War begins.  The Mana War.
3019 I EC: Azorel's Key is scattered to the corners of the world, the Mana War end.  The first Elven Age ends.  Elven Warlords reign now that the Eldain are gone.  The Age of Strife begins.
588 II EC: The Second Elven Civil War begins with rebellion between the warlords.
593 II EC: The Second Elven Civil War ends when the new republic overthrows the old warlords.
1141 II EC: The Third Elven Civil War begins.
1143 II EC: The Third Elven Civil War ends with the Clans regaining control over the Republic.
1190 II EC: The Dragons are created and begin recording historical events (0 DC).  All magic users use this calendar as a common point of reference.
1290 II EC: Terane begins its rise to become the most advanced human civilization in history.
2093 II EC: The Temptation of Nithallion disrupts the Elven homelands leading to the Fourth Elven Civil War.
2143 II EC: The Fourth Elven Civil War ends.  The Glorious Reformation begins, seeing the first sparks of the parliamentary system developed in Nithallion.
2278 II EC: The downfall of the Giants.  The dwarves, tired of their enslavements begin to rebel against the giants, leading to their corruption and downfall.  Terane begins its decline through attacks by Nixus.
2303 II EC: After the giants are eliminated, and Terane is destroyed, Nixus sends his legions into the world starting the Great War (0 WR).
2318 II EC: The forces of darkness are repelled, and the Great War ends.  By this time, the gnomes have rebelled against Nixus, and have taken up residence in Durenor.  A tremendous wave of paranoia sweeps the civilized lands, and the time known as 'The Cleansing' begins in Amara.  It was the first, longest, and bloodiest affair to overtake human controlled lands.  It was also called the Grand Inquisition.
2893 II EC: The Fifth Elven Civil War begins.  This is called the 'Elven Cleansing' because many of the same atrocities that occurred in Amara and the Audun wastes occur in Elven territories.  Fear that magic was what open the gates for Nixus to invade and that changelings have infiltrated government lead to what amounts to a witch hunt in almost all of the known territories, Elven, Human, and Dwarven.
2993 II EC: The Fifth Elven Civil War ends, the Second Elven Age ends.  The third Elven age, the 'Age of Transformation', begins.
97 III EC: The Cleansing finally ends in Amara and Audun.
283 III EC: The dwarves finally emerge from under the mountains to claim the giants lands as their own.  They rename the mountains Irenier.
306 III EC: The paladin Ashe Caladari embarks on his mission to hunt down the source of the undead issuing from the area behind what is today called the Ashewall.
315 III EC: Tymbard's Keep is founded in Bergren.
402 III EC: Curran Lee, a mining colony applies for and is granted its charter as a city.
491 III EC: The height of New Terane.  It does not reach a significant portion of its old glory and declines to a second end.
645 III EC: The Amaran Rebellion begins.  The Exile of Bresdelen.  The War of Dearic's Lashing.  The decay of the Audun Wastes begins.
654 III EC: The Amaran Rebellion ends.  The War of Dearic's Lashing ends.
961 III EC: Tiberion's Expansion and Fall.  Tiberion manages to capture much of the known world before being killed in his fateful duel with Malik Stonecutter.  The rise of the twelve houses begins.
973 III EC: Tiberion's Expansion ends at Greycut Rock.  The beginning of Pax Caladyn.
1123 III EC: A plague of unknown origin sweeps Amara.  The events of the Demoneiad occur.  The Legend of Bryce Wallace is born.
1307 III EC: The height f Caladyn's rule.
1585 III EC: The Sixth Elven War begins when a changeling, claiming to be a lost son of Tiberion attempts to conquer the known world again.  The Elven War of Ascension.  In Amara, the Second Inquisition begins as paranoia abounds concerning the possibility of changelings again infiltrating government.
1610 III EC: The Sixth Elven War ends.
1635 III EC: The Second Inquisition ends.
2235 III EC:  Pax Caladyn ends as the last remnants of Caladyn's power declines.
2285 III EC: The events of the Days of Strife occur, seeing the final end of Caladyn's power.  The march of the dead sack Tymbard's Keep, and pass Curran Lee without offering battle.
2345 III EC: The Confederation of Amara is founded.
2490 III EC: The Lawbringers are formed.
2595 III EC: Present Day.  The Elven Destriers, tired of being reigned in from conquering the Audun wastes start a rebellion to free themselves from the rigid laws of Parliament, meanwhile they step up raids against human settlements to the East of Medelliana.  Could this be the beginning of a new Great War?

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