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Sets up some interesting options moving forward.

The mysterious NPC is a mage who was corrupted by power and banished to the Void. They plan to force the PC to orchestrate their escape... perhaps sending them back from the Void to pathe the way granting them freedom in return for their help to escape.

Meanwhile the party back in the prime plane will have an opportunity to save the PC using a relic located in the dungeon they are exploring. This method will allow them to communicate with the trapped PC who is in a battle of wills with the banished mage. The intention is to set up a situation which requires the trapped PC to make a difficult choice. Work with the mage and help him escape in return for his own freedom, or sacrifice themselves to prevent their escape.
The banished mage is obviously dangerous. Freeing him will create some large problems for the party in the future.

Thoughts? We go live in a few days and this scenario will play out. Any input is welcomed.
Here is a peek into the interaction between an unknown NPC entity and the character in the Void.
Fleck is the PC that is trapped in the Void.


Fleck hears a voice from the Void! The voice is soft and commanding, weaving through the air like tendrils of mist, carrying with it an irresistible allure.

Voice from the Void "Ah, lost soul, ensnared in the intricate web of fate's folly, you've stumbled into the abyss with such exquisite timing! Tell me, do you revel in the chaos, or tremble at its touch? Fear not, for in this void, where reality dances on the edge of oblivion, there are secrets untold, power unchained. Embrace the madness, dear traveler, for here, even the laws of magic bend to the will of the unpredictable. Let us weave our destinies together amidst the chaos, for in the void, there are infinite possibilities waiting to be unraveled."

GM: What is your reply?

Fleck: " Greetings whispering voice, I maybe ensnared in this prison of yours .. " " I may also have danced on the edge of Chaos for the past year or so also ... " "Most of that being due to the desires of evil elements that seek ultimate power to rule all." "Currently the world is a blaze of war and destruction ... to what end ... we can only guess!" "This magic you speck of seems unlike any that I have been taught. I have been taught extensively by talented Mages, Seers, Mentalists, and Elementalist's." "All magic has a source ... so I posse to you dear voice of the void, 1. What pray tell is the source of this magical conundrum other than chaos." "2. What are the costs of this weaving of our destinies?" "3. What control if any may I impose on the magics that will be unleashed?" 

Voice from the Void

Ah, a student of magic! This is a wonderful stroke of luck! I see that Chaos has touched you even before arriving here in this prison. A tortured soul. We have this in common. I also was an apprentice like yourself, in the beginning. War and destruction you say. So not much has changed since I last walked the Known World. Although I do not know how long ago that was. Time passes here unmeasured. Your questions reveal much about you. I will answer them honestly.

1. What pray tell is the source of this magical conundrum other than chaos? "The High Council of Azehur".

2. What are the costs of this weaving of our destinies? "We will become Soulbound. If one life is lost, both of us will perish".

3. What control if any may I impose on the magics that will be unleashed? "That is an intriguing question. Magics unleashed? I will be unleashed of course and I will seek revenge on those who imprisoned me, if they still live, and my wrath will be glorious to behold!".

Suddenly you are struck by a bolt of eldritch energy. The air around you seems to shimmer and distort, charged with arcane magic. The Voice from the Void takes on an otherworldly tone, commanding and authoritative. The sensation is unsettling, as if your mind is being pulled in different directions at once as you struggle to remain in control and try to make sense of the chaos within your own mind.

Voice from the Void
"Listen closely, my new apprentice, for chaos bends to my will. I offer power beyond your wildest dreams, but know this: defiance invites chaos's cruel embrace. Serve me, and thrive in its chaotic dance. Cross me, and drown in its merciless tide."
Rolemaster / Re: Sample RMU creature?
« Last post by nightchilde on April 16, 2024, 05:03:21 PM » creature preview?  Not even a simple low-level one?  :-D
ICE News and Discussion / Re: Locating "Lost" Authors to Bring Back "Lost" Books
« Last post by Malim on April 16, 2024, 01:17:28 PM »
I really want RM2 to be "reprinted" it good PDFs to be sold on whatever site.
I sadly just dont see it happening if there is no end date to the rights of the authors!

My solution would be to update it all like the RoCo I and then give whoever come claiming a part they money of the sale.
Rolemaster / Re: Goblin vs. kobold size
« Last post by EltonJ on April 15, 2024, 10:09:23 AM »
Core Law says kobolds are the smallest of the goblinoids, and live in a state of being constantly cowed by goblins.

Weight, male 35
Weight, female 31
Height, male 3'
Height, female, 2'10"

Weight, male 44
Weight, female 40
Height, male 3'6"
Height, female, 3'3"

What is up with these numbers?

Can you reverse the numbers?
Rolemaster / Re: Goblin vs. kobold size
« Last post by jdale on April 14, 2024, 10:15:10 PM »
Hmm, I did not notice it, but goblins shrank from previous editions that had them 3'6"-4'6". Possibly that was to keep them from being on the cusp of size Small, but the others didn't get adjusted. Kobolds have a lower St modifier though.

Goblin clogs might also give them an edge. :)
ICE News and Discussion / Re: Locating "Lost" Authors to Bring Back "Lost" Books
« Last post by jdale on April 14, 2024, 10:06:45 PM »
I'm sure there's also ICE material in there, so ICE would have standing to sue you, even if they don't have sufficient rights to publish it currently. I can't say whether it would be worth their while to do so, but for someone who I assume from your presence here that you have an interest in being part of the community, I think the lawsuit potential is not really the most important part of the equation.
RMSS/FRP / Q: Drow
« Last post by EltonJ on April 14, 2024, 08:36:38 PM »
I'm going to convert the drow from AD&D to RMSS.  I know the original Creatures and Treasures had conversion guidelines for AD&D monsters as well as RuneQuest monsters.

The reason is, the drow have an important spot in my world system that I'm filling out on World Anvil. And I know that Rolemaster doesn't have drow.  But I'd like to add them.  Any help would be appreciated.
RMSS/FRP / Re: Question about Staff Spell.
« Last post by Micael on April 14, 2024, 05:10:27 PM »
Sorry to say that most of the above interpretations are just to good and not raw imo.  The staff list would be a must list for every spell caster who want to cast effective combat spells, because in the first round of combat you otherwise coulnt cast a spell of your level without danger. We are looking to the store spell and there are a lot of different words used. "The caster can store any one spell in his staff. The spell to be stored must be cast immediately after this spell (within 1 minute). The power point cost of this spell is equal to the level of the store spell plus the cost of the spell to be stored. For example, in order to store a 5th level spell in a magic staff using Staff Spell I is equal to 5 (the level of the spell) + 3 (the level of the store spell) = 8. The caster must spend power points to cast the spell that has been stored --------- you have a max. of 6 round (1minute) to prepare and overcast. You have to use the PP twice, once in casting to the staff and again in using it from the staff, because of the last sentence. So no PP for the next day. Therefore you have to roll for spellfailure once during casting into the staff and again when you attack someone with a bar. Even with this interpretation magic staff and the store spel! are the only possibility for a caster to cast a very high level spell in the first round of combat with only a small chance of spell failure and every player use it... Thanks Tarinia
This is extremely valuable feedback. Thanks for the moral compass support. Its very valuable having a sounding board thats not in my game and someone who has experience creating engaging, meaningful encounters.
I like the dilemma quandary, thats a hard choice to make when you know whats at stake. If the character willingly sacrifices themselves for the good of the party, thats the sort of heroic deed I want to have in my game.
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