Author Topic: AutoHARP3 - Addressing the issues that I am finding here.  (Read 494 times)

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In looking through the forum here I can see that many of the issues people were having have been addressed with this new release coming up.

  • Printing character sheets should no longer be an issue. The print sheet is a PDF document.
  • Combat is much much more stable than previously. 
  • Changing to use Martial Law Combat or Harp Fantasy combat is done in preferences. 
  • Items now have an option where you can set it as a storage container. This storage container can contain items and these storage container can have a location. For example if you have a mount, then you could have a saddle with pockets thus the saddle is a container. You would place items into the saddle by setting the location of these items to Saddle. Then you would add a Horse as an item and set it to container. Now you have a horse as a location and can store the saddle on the horse. There is nothing set up now for a horse to have encumbrance however the horse can have a limit on pounds.
  • Development points should be on point. Level 1 dp is 100 and subsequent levels are 50. This is hard coded. If people want it differently I can update.
  • I have no idea how to integrate to VTT. I will need help on that end. 
  • AutoHARP is no longer installed as DEMO mode. It works out of the box. Harp Fantasy is automatically installed. 
  • There are always going to be places where the player needs to act without a prompt. For example, bonus skill ranks, skill flexibility, professional abilities like +10 to a skill every 5 levels. I have a section that tells the player to add these but no way to really mark it off as done. I would add a note to the description that a professional ability or new level has been added. Talents where bonuses are applied to skills or items, etc, this always needs to be done manually. Coding this would be very time consuming. 
  • Subskill only is the way to mark a skill where the subskills are where ranks are to be added. Marking a skill as sub skill only actually removes the ability to add ranks to the skill. 
  • Armor by the piece should be working properly now. 
  • Combat should be a LOT more stable now. I understand it was crash happy. Combat is also fully integrated into the application. That is you can start combat, then go back to updating character sheets, then go back to combat where you left off. Combat is no longer a separate application but a part of AutoHARP3.

Also when AutoHARP3 is released in October I am planning to concentrate all efforts on this release which means I need to get everyone moved over to this new version when that happens. Those who are waiting for Harp SF, I am in development mode. It should be ready to go by the end of the year.