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Terry K. Amthor:
Delving deep into Emer IV. As usual, lots to develop from earlier material beyond the City of the Dead. But then there are the rumored  lost journals Loremaster Selas Vey.

Of all your upcoming projects, the final quadrant of Emer is the one I am most excited for. Really looking forward to it!

Terry K. Amthor:
IV will be as diverse as III, not just a big desert. There is a lot going on along the coasts, and more inland... And the City of the Dead will be nothing like the Jinteni city in SE Emer. Fewer Undead, more mazes, and puzzles, and tech... oh my!

Will Emer IV also include information or "links" to Gethaena?

Anyways I am very much looking forward to the book. :)

Terry K. Amthor:

--- Quote from: Erondor78 on March 01, 2021, 04:28:54 AM ---Will Emer IV also include information or "links" to Gethaena?

--- End quote ---

I am afraid not. Gethaena was originally written before Shadow World and not 'canon.'


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