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Hi everyone.

Could you please share with me any and all of the following

TTRPG or general board game news or review sites
General TTRPG, board game or ICE specific podcasts
General TTRPG, board game or ICE specific Twitch streams
General TTRPG, board game or ICE specific YouTube channels
General TTRPG, board game or ICE specific twitter accounts (other than ours)
General TTRPG or board game influencers / personalities


Colin, -- Rolemaster Classic -- Rolemaster Classic, character making

Hope these help.

Another review of RMSS/FRP.


Here are a few of  my personal Youtube and Podcasting favorites (in no particular order). I subscribe to most, if not all.

* Wolfshield Games -
* RollQuests -
* WASD20 - 240K Subscribers -
* Seth Skorkowsky - 96K Subscribers -
* Dicebreaker - 90.6K subscribers -
* Questing Beast - 51.7K subscribers -
* Dungeon Musings  - 5.6K subscribes -
* Roll for Initiative - 6.6K Subscribers -
* Dungeon Craft - 86.7K Subscribers -
* Taking20 - 279K Subscribers -
* Captcorajus -

* GameMaster's Studio
* Sieze the GM
* Kevin and Robin Talk about Stuff
* Fear of a Black Dragon
* Game Masters Journey
* RPG Academy
With few exceptions, these are generalist Tabletop RPG sites, that don't exclusively concentrate on D&D or Pathfinder.  Of course, given the audience of both, they have a fair bit of that content there.


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