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It is time for your yearly Gencon thread!

I have put up two HARP events for this coming con and am considering more.

Cory Magel:
Planning on being there this year. Hotel reserved and plane tickets bought.

I just looked at the Event Catalogue, and was happy to see so many Rolemaster (Unified) sessions! Aaron is really going all out!

I see 13 different sessions, 7 of which are already sold out. Way to go Aaron!

Sadly, I won't be going this year (going to wait one more year for Covid to die down!), but we are planning to go the following year.

Cory Magel:
It will be interesting to see how crowded it is this year.

Thanks Hurin.  Yup, gonna be busy for me. 

On that note, GenCon just contacted me about the fact that they want all of the Iron Crown Enterprises games organized under one lead EO/GM and since I submitted 13 different sessions and have been designated by Nicholas to be the Booth Manager (even though my time there will be very limited, while Monte and Nick will be handling most of the booth activity), they wanted me to put together a list of all "official" ICE games for them. 

As such, Kirsa, I will PM you momentarily and if anyone else is planning to run anything please let me know if you want it to be an "official" ICE session (usually Colin will be able to set up some sort of reward for players in the GenCon sessions).


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