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So... just bought the four core books for Harp off DrivethruRPG, great that they are back in my collection... But I am still looking for the setting book Cryadon? Looking at the forums here I see the last post was from 2018!

Is the book not getting done? Hoping so as I had the original and it was awesome (all my Harp books were stolen at a con years ago!) And after playing a few sessions of Against the Darkmaster it rekindled my desire for Harp as I was a big fan back in the day. Thus me spending 107$ usd on Drivethru to get the core books in hardback (very nice books btw!) so that I could have them and introduce my new players to this awesome setting and game.

So if anyone has any info that would be great...

I was thinking the same thing recently, Cyradon was a really promising setting - I seem to remember that a revised version is in the works, but that might still be far away ...

The Cyradon setting book has been reworked to bring it up to date with the revised version of HARP. It has been written, it just needs layout and editing etc. However, I believe Nicholas wants to wait until the introductory adventures for Cyradon have also been rewritten. These are still a bit of a way off.


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