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Long did I wait in the shining city across the river from the land of the unWISe, CONs, and SIN, to attend the greatest of conventions. As I finally rose to strike, my quarry moved to the south and my lands grew sour, depriving me and mine of the tribute needed to follow the beast. So I bid my time, waiting. Now, many years later as my eyes grow dim and I have strong sons to carry my conquest forward again, I shall ride to the south and east and finally claim a seat at the table that should have been mine oh so long ago. Beware oh Indiana, of the wrath of the Northmen.

So who else is going?

I am able to go this year-- just waiting to see who else is coming!

One day...when mine own eyes grow further dim...

I'll be there.  Not my first gaming convention, but this will be my first GenCon though.  Expect to be a bit stunned and overwhelmed the first day or so. =D


--- Quote from: Siltoneous on January 29, 2019, 08:30:00 AM --- Expect to be a bit stunned and overwhelmed the first day or so. =D

--- End quote ---

Ain't that the truth? Wow. I remember seeing the last printed guide to it thinking it was almost beyond comprehension, I can't even imagine it now. This is my first Con too. Go big or go home I guess :)


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