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This is outside the normal things located within the now out of print book and the upcoming re-release of the enhanced book. I have been running a campaign in Anias (the main continent) during the year before the exodus to Belynar and I have come to realize how much material is missing for running such a campaign.
They party is on the eastern side of the Juras mountains and headed west to Tarahir. They are headed into the mountains (more like up into them) and will soon reach the end of part 1 of the campaign. Hopefully they will have an epic battle to denote the end of part 1, but that all depends on the party's actions and their dice

So I am looking for some inspiration and content to maybe add some flavor to the setting. As it is right now I added a city I call Riverton on the eastern side of the Juras mountains. It sits at the base of the mountain range on the river that flows across the continent and near Tarahir. Unfortunately I used the published map of Feyerlun from the other game as the map of the city.

Part 2 will begin just on the western side of the mountains and will be a lot more tense as they encounter more scouting parties from both sides of the conflict along with the Orsai led Gryx hunting parties and full military forces. But what would lay between the Juras mountains and the city of Tarahir? Towns, cities, tombs, or other locations of note?

I am in need of some inspiration and would like to see what others have come up with.

Thanks in advance!

Charlie Four:
Well unfortunately I'm on the same problem as I've just finished reading the setting and I plan to run a similar campaign(to start on Anias and end up in Belynar), so I got nothing. But I'm thinking since it's a key mountain pass it should have some sort of fortress to defend it, maybe a merchant town or even an old abandoned Empire outpost, IIRC that was the frontier of the former Empire, so there should've been some defensive system on that side of the mountain. That said castle/town might not be inhabited anymore but other creatures could've taken residence. Or maybe the Orsai went around the mountains by sea to seige Tarahir from every side, that would explain why Grayson and the others had to escape through the Dwarven outposts and not to the east through the mountains, the characters could be the first to find the Orsai sneaking troops through the mountain and now have to find a way to get past them to alert the Tarahiri.

You can put just about anything in the form of ruins, since it's the NE part of the former Tarahiri Empire border. Haunted places, abandoned outpost, mountain creatures, ruins that tell the story of the past, or they can even spot the Dwarven outpost(dangerous idea if the Royal Roads are already active) so they are the ones who tell Grayson they can find cover that way. Depending on the timeline you can add flavour by adding the towns on fire, the refugees fleeing to the city, burning fields, maybe a wizard being hunted or burned in the pyre, Gryx getting killed, and you add the challenge to sneak behind the enemy lines.

Not the greatest ideas in the world I know, but that's what I got for now. :-\ As soon I start to prep my own campaign I'll share some specifics, but right now I'm just gathering seeds of ideas.

FYI, the Theocracy of Asut (aka the Orsai) is south of Tarahir in the great desert. At best they have scouting parties and small units to the east of the Turas mountains. Though at the time I am playing (now about 8 months before the exodus) there should be troops moving north on that side of the mountains so they can bring the hammer down on the proverbial anvil and strike Tarahir. I also think they are moving troops up the coast on the east side, but I am not sure how they would get through the Treaty Kingdoms without being noticed.
I can come up with loads of ideas and adventure locations. I am looking for some "already developed" stuff that I can just drop in.

Right now the party is headed into the mountains to a "hidden" monastery to with hopes of finding answers to their questions and getting rid of this evil staff of some ancient shaman that the Asut is looking for. There are several adventure locations within the mountains that they may or may not encounter. One of the party (Tychon, Elf/Gryx Warrior Mage) is trying to follow the trail of a dwarven warrior mage. He is looking to find answers to the bladestaff he acquired that once belonged to a dwarven warrior mage.

The primary reason for starting this thread was to possibly start a living Anias (or even Mithra) setting where "we" the GM's and players could develop the world together and share it. This could end up being the "unofficial cannon" of Mithra. Kind of like the Star Wars extended universe......

Charlie Four:

--- Quote ---FYI, the Theocracy of Asut (aka the Orsai) is south of Tarahir in the great desert. At best they have scouting parties and small units to the east of the Turas mountains.
--- End quote ---
I know, but the timeline the year prior to the escape to Belynar gets more specific. There's a war on all fronts, the east is won by the combined northern forces, the west and south are lost. That's why I said they could spot the eastern forces of the Orsai once they crossed the mountains(depending on the timeline, but you can tweak it to your convenience). I fumbled the part when I said around the mountains, I thought Tarahir was a little closer to them on the east side, but the general idea is still valid, they should have a challenge crossing the Orsai lines if they head to Tarahir, and the lands between the mountains and the city should reflect the war and maybe even emptied or filled with refugees fleeing from the Theocracy.

As for the rest, I'm all for sharing stuff, but right now I'm just developing ideas. When I get them in presentable forms, I'll be glad to share them.

Any chance you have Realm Works? It is campaign management software. It can help keep track of everything in a campaign.

If you had it there might be a way to collaborate our work in it.


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