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I'm sure I must be missing something obvious ... but ... where do I get this?

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I have looked online (rpgnow, drivethrurpg) for Cyradon but can't seem to find it. 

I'm sure I must be missing something obvious but I'd appreciate someone pointing it out to me!  Clearly I didn't do well on my perception roll!

Currently the Cyradon book is being revised to work better inline with the HARP Fantasy "enhanced" rules., which came out earlier this year. The old Cyradon book is currently not available. 
The publishing date is on hold as they have other products they are trying to get out first.

I got lucky and found my old Cyradon book. I wonder if they would offer the old book at a discounted price or even free to those who need now?


Thom @ ICE:

As for the old version, we won't be releasing the old version as it would require re-branding at least, and that would require pulling people off of other projects.

As for existing inventory, yes, we have some intended for promotional use.   
We're still working out the details for the new OIC push, so there may be some opportunities to get a copy soon.

Thank you!  And Bruce's answer reminded me to look at my version of the HARP manual which is ... 2003/2004 ... so I should upgrade my HARP and the latest and greatest HARP IS available in print.

I am really excited about what ICE has in the pipeline -- unified rolemaster, etc.  I've been a huge fan of ICE since the late 1980s. 


Thom @ ICE:
Glad to hear it....
We hope to prove worthy of your excitement.  Feel free to let us know what kind of products you are looking for.


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