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Cyradon is on the road to reawakening. From a rules perspective, we will be making changes to the main setting book as follows:
1) the Character Creation chapter to be consistent with HARP Fantasy, enhanced Martial Law and enhanced College of Magics
2) Magic & Spells to be made consistent with the enhanced College of Magics and we expect to remove the repeated material that was imported from CoM because it's adding unnecessarily to page count.
3) Monsters chapter will be made consistent with the new monster creation system.

In terms of setting modifications to the main book, we are interested in:
1) fixing any errors or inconsistencies - I've found some already in the history - if you know of any, please post
2) adding useful chunks of information - there are various questions on this board for instance that could usefully be answered in the book - again, please feel free to post

We are considering folding some or all of the Gazetteer into the main book.

I'm also at various stages of formalising contracts for additional Cyradon products, and there will be an open call for adventures in due course.

Best wishes,

Some stats for the main NPCs such as Grayson would be nice

Reawakening Cyradon?  :o Yeah!  ;D

As great as the setting is, I think some information needs to be reworked. Many tidbits are scattered across the book, and others are repeated multiple times. I tried to reassemble the info about races using a word search across the pdf. The Gryphons are the most detailed of all, and the Gryx (G'Shul) the less (at least in the core book; there is more to them in the Gazeteer).

I am reading Shades of Darkness, and I think the structure of information is well done. The sections and subsections are easy to identify visually. The information is concise and strait to the point. The layout and the font are simple, thus making the text easy to read.

I would like to keep the same maps, and would be very happy to have more detailed maps, especially of inside Belynar.

As sunwolf mentioned, NPC stats would be great.

I would definitely see fit a section (or even a book?) for GM only (especially when it comes to that one-time mention about the Shirae agenda).

The political conflicts between the Arali deserve more details.  :)

Stats for the Cyrads.

Adventure modules!  ;D

Old Man:

Are the Cyradon modules by Allen Maher considered to be canon?

I would like to see the "Tears of Life" article from HB #10 and the "Mistwalking" article from HB #12 to be added.
In addition some further Clerical orders would be nice (also included in HB #12), but are not really important.

In addition, think there was a nice article in the Guild Companion about the other continents.


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