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What music do you use for your games to give them a mood?

What music do your players suggest?

I tried it a few times and it just gets lost and it becomes annoying.  Another thing to compete over to be heard or no one even paid attention to it.  YouTube had a few good gaming session play lists.  I made my own CDs (this was before MP3 was a thing) and that was one more thing for the GM to worry about.  I did try my own theme music for my PC, that got old, fast. :( 

* - Biko - Peter Gabriel
* - a couple of songs by Enya from various CDs, mostly the first CD

We also find it more distracting than helpful. I have occasionally picked out sound effects for special moments, which 95% of the time I forget to use. ;)

Roll 20 has a jukebox that has a rather limited selection, but can be fun for battle music.

Spotify has a ridiculous number of RPG playlists -- there are even extended ones for some specific modules (a great one for Princes of the Apocalypse, for example).

Cory Magel:
Conan The Barbarian and 13th Warrior movie soundtracks.

Antti Marikainen

Two Steps From Hell


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