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Where will you buy your Rolemaster?

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We (Aurigas and GCP and our distribution/printing partner) are in discussion about how many copies of new unified Rolemaster should be printed for mainstream distribution to physical and online stores. PDF versions will be available via OneBookShelf network and print-on-demand versions will be available there as well.

It's been a while since Rolemaster has had products suitable for distribution, so this is some data-gathering on our part.

Best wishes,

Just like I said for HARP, I prefer a physical store, but I am OK with getting it on-line, one way or another.

If you do a deal to be able to buy a physical book with the PDF for free. I'll probably do that via whatever online resource is available.
Otherwise I'll probably just buy a PDF from whatever online retailer, don't really care which one.


Lord Garth:
Physical copies for me, will probably buy two of each.

I prefer physical copies, but will deal with online if that's the only option.


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