Author Topic: [RMU] A Cruise Missile with Treasure Law  (Read 119 times)

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[RMU] A Cruise Missile with Treasure Law
« on: July 10, 2024, 03:10:32 PM »
So, the task is to create an item that can destroy an enemy position, ship or building from any distance.
(Yes, I need this for my campaign.)

The central processing unit:

work mundane wood (level 4)
Artificial Intelligence I (Dim, level 3)
Embed III (level 7)

14 days, 126 silver pieces.

We teach this intelligence the skill Attunement, at 7 ranks.

As a separate enchantment, we give an item a single-use level 50 enchantment of Lord Teleport (level 50), 105 days, level 50, 1155 silver pieces. We bind this item tightly to the central processing unit with a burnable thread. This is our drive system.

Another separate enchantment, bound to the central processing unit in a similar way, is the warhead. A single-use item Dragons Fire might work, which would be a 40th level spell and thus cost 95 days to make, be a level 50 item, and cost 1026  silver pieces (though other fitting ideas like Death Cloud V exist; suggestions welcome).

And finally, the last item, a simple one-use Woodfires, 15 days, level 7, 27 silver pieces.

Usage: Send an agent to scout the target. Have the agent transfer knowledge of the target to the central processing unit telepathically. Let it teleport to a useful location and have it trigger its warhead. Finally, self-destruct with the woodfires item, directed at the central processing unit itself (to minimize use for the enemy).

This device will cost a total of 2334 silver pieces. For important targets, a powerful king might want to use several of those, or maybe even hundreds or thousands.