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When I'am logged in to the site I can not see the old Rolemaster,spacemaster forums etc

How come? It makes no sense.. unless you try to irritate people that sign up

OLF, i.e. Olf Le Fol:
For my part, I don't see the Vault any longer. Was it removed?

Regarding the Rolemaster and Spacemaster folders, that sounds like you aren't actually logged in. I am seeing them. Try resetting the site data and reloading the page.

In Firefox, you can reset the site data most easily by clicking the lock/unlock icon next to the URL and then click Clear Cookies And Site Data.

Not sure about the vault, that might still need to be migrated over....?

There used to be a quick navigation box on the right side of the ICE Forums on my layout that had a lot of quick navigation stuff. I went to the settings and did not see anyway to add the feature.
I also got to the the vault by that box.
Hope that helps.

Turns out the upgrade to SMF 2.0.18 had disabled all of the mods. I was able to find and install upgraded versions of several, including TinyPortal. TinyPortal is the mod that included forum downloads, links, and other such features.


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