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RMC v2.1.6 - Automatic Range Calculations


There is a new version of RMC v2.1.6 that will go live tomorrow and has been on the test channel for a couple days now. It only adds one feature: Automatic Range Calculations. Basically, it will calculate the range between tokens on the Combat Tracker when one of them attacks the other. There is also a new button that will show the current range to your targets. There are a few things to be aware of that influenced how I implemented it.

The distances don't match up exactly with the pointers and targeting arrows in FG. Part of the problem is the pointers/arrows are estimating to the nearest 5' so there are times you can move the ends apart a slight bit and the distance won't update. They are also calculating a portion of the way into the tokens square. It became an issue when dealing larger tokens and for tokens that are diagonally adjacent to each other. For example, if a token is attacking a huge token (4x4 squares) where they are touching at a corner, it would actually show them as having distance of 5' apart so inflated the distance.

I decided to do it from the nearest edge/corner to the nearest edge/corner of the tokens. This allowed me to get the shortest distance between the 2 tokens. It made it a bit more complicated but it handles the larger tokens and tokens being adjacent. It will calculate it down to the nearest 1'.

Since the FG pointers/arrows won't show the exact amount I wanted to provide a way to check the current distance to the targets. There is a new button on the targets section of the Combat Tracker that will send a message to the chat showing the current distance to the targets.

When an attack is made it will check if the attacker is within their Reach value to see if it is a melee attack unless the attack item type is one of the following which will always be considered ranged attacks:
* Missile Weapon
* Thrown Weapon
* Elemental Attack
* Special (This was only included because it could be either so I wanted to automatically include the range modifier)

If it is one of those item type or the target is farther than the Reach of the attacker, it will check the items range modifiers to find the appropriate modifier to apply. These range modifiers need to be in ascending order for it to pick up the appropriate modifier which will be applied to the attack. The range modifier message will show the range and the range it fell into. Here is an example: [Range 133' <= 200' -20].

If there aren't any range modifiers or it is past the maximum range then a message will still show the range but also show that it is greater than the Maximum range. It will look like this and apply no modifier: [Range 33' > MAX +0]. I did this so the GM and PC could see they were beyond the maximum range but didn't apply a modifier in case the GM wanted to allow it and they can fill in their own modifier.

There is one issue that can come up where the range modifiers aren't applying. To work around it until I can fix it, drag a new version of the weapon/attack to the Combat tab of the character sheet and reset it up and it should resolve the issue.

Hopefully, you find it useful.


RMC v2.1.6
[Added] Automatically calculate range and range penalties
[Added] Button to CT Entry Targets to show the current ranges to CT entry's targets


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