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Will RMU get the Fantasy Grounds treatment?

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Any idea if RMU will find it's way into FG?

it needs to. i am an ultimate license holder and would love to play in this app

I know there is a plan to release a CoreRPG version of FG RMC client. It's a vast improvement over the old FG codeset client, with a number of improvements.  The grapevine has it that the client been tested against the FG Unity with players, and is working quite well.  CoreRPG has a lot of nice improvements, plus I'd suspect it will be a LOT easier to maintain and modify.  Once there,  I'd suspect it wouldn't be hard at all to migrate it over to RMU once it's ready.

In somewhat related news, there was recently a request for someone to build a Roll20 character sheet, with offer of payment for it:

Very true, and a great point. Roll20's character sheets can be automated, and the system is quite popular, so I wish him the best with that. May take a bunch of prior official approvals, but one can hope.

On a related note, the FoundryVTT is coming along, and IIRC was scheduled to released this month.  I've seen the community built WFRP 4th character sheet on it, and was blown away by it's abilities.  Course looking at the thousands of lines of JS and HTML, I know why too. =D

Of course there the WFRP community (and many others) has much clearer guidelines for that kind of community provided content, without all the prior mother-may-I's.


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