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What's in the future for FG RMC ruleset?


Is there some kind of timeline/roadmap for features and additions to the RMC ruleset for Fantasy Grounds?  Will there be additional resource books/modules released?  I know there is some kind of "suggestions" page, but is there going to be future development/improvement beyond bug fixes and minor changes?  There is lots of stuff missing, especially a good character generation system that includes backgrounds, adolescence/apprenticeship and so on.  A character creation Wizard that steps you through it would be amazing.  I'm not complaining,w hat's there is not bad an way better than using all the paper charts.  But it seems to me that the other rulesets get a lot more love and are fancier.  I guess that makes sense if they sell better, but I love RMC and would like to see it match the features of the other games.  For example, in the 5e ruleset you can essentially click a button to level up your character and it automatically adds new abilities and so on.  A "level up" button for RMC would be amazing, that let you pick skills and make all associated rolls (stat gain, spell acquisition, power points, body development, etc).

Thanks for all the hard work, again I'm not complaining just making suggestions!

Matt Hanson:
Hello Frunobulax,

The folks at ICE aren't the ones who developed the FG RMC ruleset, it was originally undertaken by a a group of developers working with SmiteWorks.  I was involved with it in the early years, and I'm not sure that any of those original developers are still on it, but last I knew there was a new group of folks that had taken it on. You should be able to get more information over on the FG forums.

It has been languishing since 2013 or so. Still can run a game with it but nowhere near as an updated ruleset as others.

I heard about a new VTT software coming up in 2018

It looks like they want to integrate the RMSS ruleset as their first game franchise

From what I know, they seem to still be hard at work to release their first beta version but it already looks very promising

Youtube video I found:


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