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What are you doing with RM Rome?

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Tell me your stories!  I am working on more RMRome books, and i would love to hear what you are doing with the core books.  Historical, pseudo-historical, fantasy mash-ups, time travel etc?

Historical and time-travel mostly. Somehow I don't fancya Roman "mythic" setting as much as Greek or Egyptian.

Just flipping through the pages, out of curiosity. I am still not sure if I want to start a campaign with the Rome-Setting, which could mean to abandon my actual campaign.  :-\

Either as an historical RP setting, or as a plug and play inserted important city, if I'd get it.
Looks promising though and I should get it since I love ancient Rome...

I am doing a mashup.  I have an "EVIL EMPIRE" based on MERP corsairs.  I am using a lot of material from ROME to flesh out this evil empire. It works really nicely.


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