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The Amethyst Knights of Caladyn
« on: September 05, 2010, 09:43:28 AM »
     Caladyn was  united as a monarchy under the Caladyn family who rules until their last king died in an invasion of the Githyan Sands.  The Amethyst family, a noble house of the realm, assumed the throne.  Their rise coincided with the rise of the nation as a central power in Amara.  Each noble house, as became the tradition, sent a child to join the elite guard of the king.  Sometimes this child was an heir, and sometimes not, usually male, and rarely female.
     In time the royal house proclaimed a charter that established a training center in Northern Caladyn at a fortress known as The Tor.  For ages afterward, entry to the Tor was the first step in joining the Order of Amethyst Knights.  The nobles sent their children to train there, and from the ranks of the Knights came the leading marshalls of Caladyn's military and Caldyn's best warriors.
     The bulk of the Amethyst Knights died during the plague (This was 1808 WR, around the time of the Daemoniad).  The Emperor Pelian and his son died Kyle died.  Though a few of the noble houses survived the disaster, it was long years after the triumph of Bryce Wallace and the restoration of the empire under the House of Wallace-Amethyst before the ranks again filled out and the Tor was a bustling training center again, full of new recruits.  The era of Pax Caladyn saw the height of the Amethyst Knights, who declined in the years before the Civil War and the attacks of the dead in the Days of Strife.
     When Micheal Lavain, a Crimson Dragon of Bruhn, formed the new ruling Military Council, a number of young Amethyst Knights sat in attendance.  Sadly, the decline and eventual ruin of the Empire coinciding with the fall of the old nobility hampered the future of the Knights of the Empire.  The Tor remained a training ground for a while, but at last closed its iron doors for lack of new recruits.  The Knights were officially phased out.  Some among the council thought that the old aristocracy was trying to revive the old Empire.  In the end, the once proud Imperial Guard was dissolved, and its few remaining troops forced to meet in secret.
     In the years since, the Amethyst Knights have evolved into a semi-secret order that strives to protect Caladyn from harm.  There are those who are descended from the old nobility that still lead, but their drive to restore the old Empire is not very strong.
     In order to become an Amethyst Knight, one must be able to prove descendant from an old noble line, and then pass their tests of training and skill.  Amethyst Knights are among the finest swordsmen in Caladyn, and they adhere to the old rules of the order and to the old code of honor.  Failure to meet these standards is grounds for dismissal.  Training at the Tor usually consisted of rigorous mental and physical training.  Intelligence is a valued asset, and skill is more valued than brute strength.
     They meet rarely.  Their symbol is an old amethyst rose superimposed on a pair of crossed swords.  Some travel the realms as knights errant, others work undercover to keep the peace in Caladyn.  The Tor itself is a mostly empty fortress in the pine-covered hills of Northern Caladyn.  The Amethyst Knights still meet there in times of great unrest.  In public, the Knights keep their tokens hidden and do not disclose themselves.  In the years after the Days of Strife, the old nobility still bear the blame.
     The Amethyst Knights are the last blood of Old Caladyn.  Their greatest calling is to be the realms protectors, to keep it and its people safe.  If they were to unite, they would be a powerful fighting force, and could restore the old Empire.  Their numbers are simply too few.  The ruling Council of Caladyn knows of their existence, and largely ignores it.  After all, they do good works, and are in no position to overthrow the Military Council.  There are a few, however, that think that the Knights might still try to restore the monarchy.
     To become an Amethyst Knight, one must prove their ties to an old noble house of Caladyn.  Often the Twilight Order is called in to investigate the documentation.  A few forgeries have been found, and the forgers harshly dealt with.
     Some of the Houses a hopeful Knight might belong to include:
     Caladyn:  Extinct.  died out when the old king died ages ago with no heirs.  Reliable proof of this bloodline would be thoroughly investigated.  If true, someone of this house would be next in line for the throne.
     Amethyst/Wallace-Amethyst: Died out in the strife.  This claim would be as thoroughly checked as Caladyn.
     Thornhelm:  Anotehr extinct house.  Thornhelm was a traitor of Castylara.  Most who claim this ancestor are barred out of hand.  A rare few have managed to convince the others that they aren't like their forebears, but a Thornhelm is still not easily trusted.
     Isil: Very rare, with close ties to House Amethyst
     Vale:  Rare.  The Dukes of Evinau are of this house.
     Baxter: A large number of Military Councilmen come from this house, and as such, they are rarely allowed to become members.
     Torstar: A wealthy family who maintains the Tor should it be re-opened.

In Rolemaster Terms, to become an Amethyst Knight:
     You should take the Heir or Noble Special Status (Character Law, p76). 
     Magic users are uncommon. Good professions would be fighter, swashbuckler, or any combat-themed profession that focuses on swordplay.  In particular, they favor light, nimble weapons over heavier styles (rapier, short sword, etc.).
     Humans only, though the half-breed races might be able to prove they are descended from one of the noble houses (this would be rare).
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