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Elton Robb:
Since getting the Eberron Player's Guide for fourth edition, there's three more races that can be added.  Eladrin, the Dragonborn, and the Tieflings.  I'll have to redo this up and make some interesting changes to each of the races.

* Tieflings are demons of man.  The Dragonborn are humanoid dragons, and the Eladrin are just high elves with a fancy name.  Everything has to be redone, so expect a revision for Eberron (both RMFRP and RMC).

How about to use control lycanthropy for the shifters.

So a Routine check lets you shift for 1 round per 5 ranks

a very hard check would give you another shifter trait without the attribute bonus only use if you got 5 ranks

a hard check would let you heal 1d10 HP only use if you have 5 ranks

I have something similar in mind with the dragonmarks would be a new power manipulation skill.

Elton Robb:
Those are great ideas, Orcish Bard.

I have the talent for mindlink:

For one PP you can forge a telepathic bond between you and a willing subject in sight, after that you can communicate over any distance. This will last 10 minutes per level.

For every additional PP you choos one additional willing subject in sight. All can speak telepathically to each other.


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