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Elton Robb:
Due to the expanded setting that I've acquired (Secrets of Sarlona, the Dragonmarked Houses) I'll be revising the Eberron adaptation to RMSS/RMFRP a LOT!  Since it's just rules and not fluff; I can put it up here. 

Elton Robb:
Eberron Adaptation: Revised
By Elton Robb
Official Website at WotC, no fluff will be represented in this Adaptation.

Eberron is a campaign setting that won the setting search by Wizards of the Coast.  It's main designer is Rich Baker, a friend of mine who resides in Colorado.  This Adaptation is unofficial and is done without the knowledge of Rich Baker himself.  We are only converting the game rules so that the setting is usable "out of the box" with Rolemaster.

Unlike Forgotten Realms, or Greyhawk, Eberron isn't a "vanilla campaign setting" which can be used right out of the box with Rolemaster.  There are certain conversions that need to take place that will take everything into account.  Items such as Dragonmarks, Artificers, the Lightning Rail, and the four new races are game items that are beyond Rolemaster at present.  So, on with the conversion!


The Dragonmarked Races

The normal PHB races are all known as the Dragonmarked Races because they all have families that carry a Dragonmark. The races of Eberron that carry a dragonmark include:
* Humans
* Elves
* Dwarves
* Gnomes
* Halflings
* Half-elves
* Half-orcs


Humans come in three flavors:

* High Men --> which are descended from the original families that came from Sarlona in the Distant past and makes up the aristocratic families the old Kingdom of Galifar.

* Common Men --> humans form the backbone of the population of the old Kingdom.

* Mixed Men --> Men that contain both High and common blood.

The following cultures exist:
** Urban Men (All 5 Nations)
** Rural Men (All Nations)
** Woodmen (in the Eldeen Reaches)
** Mariners (Located along the Coast: especially the Lhazaar Principalities, Q'Barra, Sharn, and the Shadow Marches)
** Hill Men (The Demon Wastes and Darguun)
** Nomads (The Demon Wastes, the Mournland, and Valenar)

The Following Dragonmarked Houses are human:
House Cannith, House Deneith (Urban Men, High Men)
House Orien (Nomads and Rural Men)
House Vadalis (Wood Men)


There are three Cultures of Elves: the Khoravar, the Valenar, and the Arenal.  There are two Dragonmarked houses, each carrying the Mark of Shadow.  A third, House Vol, carried the Mark of Death but was wiped out long ago in a war between dragons and elves.


The Elves of Khorvaire, called the Khoravar, have no kingdom of their own and are spread about the 5 nations. They use the High Elf race template in character creation.

The Elves of Arenal use the Grey Elf template in character creation.


Are warlike, and have their own template.

Stat bonuses -> Ag +3, Co +0, Me +2, Re +0, SD +5, EM -2, In +0, PR +4, QU +4, St +0

Due to the Arabian and Persian influence on the Valanar Elves, they have the Desert Culture as explained in Races and Cultures for RMFRP.  But they live on the plains of Cyre, also known as Valanar.  Refer to Races and Cultures page 117 for Adolescent Rank information.

Elton Robb:
Valanar Elves

Stat bonuses -> Ag +3, Co +0, Me +2, Re +0, SD +5, EM -2, In +0, PR +4, QU +4, St +0

RR Modifiers: Channeling -2, Essence -2, Mentalism -2 Poison +10 Disease +100

Body Development: 0 * 7 * 3 * 2 * 1
Arcane PP Development: 0 * 6 * 5 * 4 * 3
Channeling PP Development: 0 *  6 * 5 * 4 * 3
Essence PP Development: 0 * 7 * 6 * 5 * 4
Mentalism PP Development: 0 * 6 * 5 * 4 * 3

Soul Departure: 2
Race Type: 4
Recovery x.: 2
Starting Languages: 3
Background Options: 3



Gnomes control the Mark of Scribing.  Use the Gnomes statistics on page 32 of Races and Cultures.


Half Elves control the Mark of Storm and the Mark of Detection.  Use the regular Half Elf template in Character Law and Races and Cultures.



Half-Orcs share control of the Mark of Finding with humans (House Tharashk).  Half-orcs use the Half-orc template found in Character Law and Races and Cultures.



Dwarves in Eberron are like the dwarves in Races and Cultures.  However they live mostly in the Mhor Holds.  The Dwarves control the Mark of Warding.



Halflings live in cities and the talenta plains.  Halflings control the Mark of Healing and the Mark of Hospitality. Halflings use the regular Halfling template -- but culture can be urban, rural or plains.



Changelings are the result of Dopplegangers mating with humans. They are a race that breeds true, now.   Use the mixed men racial information in Character Law or Races and Cultures.

Special abilities:
* +5 racial bonus against Mentalism
* Special Skills: Everyman: Duping, Lie Perception, Seduction {intimidate}  Restricted: None.
* Minor Change Shape: Use as written (+50 bonus to disguise manuevers), can be seen through with a Presence or Illusion detection spells.
* Starting Languages: 5
* Preferred Professions: Most changelings typify the Rogue, Thief, or Rogue


The Kalashtar is the result of spiritual entities merging with humans.  The combination of a Quori spirit and a human spirit. Kalashtar are unearthly or unsettlingly beautiful.

Race template: Use the Laan race information in Races and Cultures except for the following --
RR Modifiers -- Channeling +0, Essence +0, Mentalism +10

Special Abilities:
* Special Skills -- Everyman: Duping, Diplomacy, Seduction [intimidate]; Restricted: None
* +10 bonus on Disguise when impersonating a human.
* Kalashtar sleep, but they do not dream.
* Naturally Psionic: A kalashtar gains one Power Point per level.
* Psi-Like Ability: The Kalashtar communicate with each other using mind-speech. All Kalashtar may use
the Mentalist Base list Mind Speech to the 10th level as an inherent ability.
* Starting Languages: Common and Quor
* Professions: Mentalists, mainly.  Accordingly, some Kalashtar choose to be monks (almost all are Amthorian monks).

 I like what you have done but I also think that changeling's should also have acting as a everyman or occ skill. But that is just me and I might be biased as I like the idea of changeling race.

Elton Robb:

--- Quote from: markc on June 15, 2009, 09:59:13 AM --- I like what you have done but I also think that changeling's should also have acting as a everyman or occ skill. But that is just me and I might be biased as I like the idea of changeling race.

--- End quote ---

Well, I "can't" change it until the revision is done. So chime in with your suggestions. :)


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