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Director's Briefing - September 2021
« on: October 18, 2021, 10:54:27 AM »

To the one hundred-and-twenty-second Briefing and eighth scheduled Briefing of 2021. I hope
that you and yours are staying well.

Apologies for August

Apologies for the absence of an August Briefing. I finally managed to have a break at the start of
August and exhaustion caught up with me hard. A moral – I need to ensure that I get my leave
more regularly - I will blame the pandemic for making that very difficult in the past two years or
so. Alas, I returned to various work crises and by the time they were under control, it was too late
for the briefing to be useful. Back to normal now.

Brad sent in the additional stats for the NPCs and these have now been included in the HARP
Garden of Rain pdf. We are currently reworking the key of one of the maps but once that is done,
we will release the pdf version.


The artwork for RMU Arms & Character Law and RMU Spell Law has continued to arrive.
Additional artwork has been commissioned for RMU Treasure Law.

Until next time
Please stay safe.
Best wishes,
Director, Iron Crown Enterprises Ltd
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Director, Iron Crown Enterprises Ltd
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