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Space Shuttle Transit Costs
« on: May 11, 2021, 01:11:32 PM »
I've looked through SM2 & its companions as well as the SM:P books I have & can't find anywhere that talks about the costs for passage on inter-system travel on a shuttle.  I would imagine it would be based on a rate determined by distance travelled (i.e. it'll cost more to travel 20 LY then it will to travel 6 LY).  But I can't find anything in any of the books.  The closest I've come (which doesn't help much) is the old Transport price charts in RM2's ChL&CaL which details Coach, Ferry & Ship passage with a base price + distance in miles travelled.  Would converting these prices to something equivenlent in SM currency (e.g. Elmonits for SM2's Imperium setting; not sure off the top of my head what the currency is for SM:P as I've never played in the Privateers Universe) be doable?  I mean, I guess I could use 1bp = 1 elmonit as a rough conversion & charge by the LY instead of by the mile (i.e. 1mi = 1LY for costs purposes).  Any thoughts or other suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Space Shuttle Transit Costs
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2021, 04:25:42 PM »
That seems reasonable and doable; I don't foresee any insurmountable problems.
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