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Original MERP Dice

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--- Quote from: Spectre771 on July 22, 2021, 03:51:23 PM ---A few friends also prefer the smoother roll.  My group in college all agreed to use D8/2 instead of the D4 die simply because D4's don't roll.

--- End quote ---

I saw a kickstarter once that was for 12-sided D6 dice.

Cory Magel:
Long ago I was in a car accident, took the car to a shop for repair... and my dice bag (really cool soft two layer leather bag with a coat of arms eagle) with all my dice from all the way back to the early 80's disappeared while in that shop.

I had an old D20 from the D&D Red Box that would rarely roll over 11 (obviously off-weight) that I loved.  We ran in a game where rounds were second by second and you rolled a d20 to see when your next action started.  The GM banned that die.  I miss it.

Hi! New member here. Used to play MERP&Rolemaster back in the 80's/90's and happened upon this forum as I was searching for info on a HARP manual I picked up some years ago from a local store. Seeing this topic, I simply had to register. :D

I'm surprised that someone still has the MERP dice. The ones I got in the box in the 80's seemed to disintegrate pretty quickly (the surface was soft and crumbled away until the dice rolled a little _too_ well).

Welcome to the forums Wolfwood!

Wait - original MERP had 20-sided d10? Is that even a thing?
Me and several friends had German edition boxes, and they came with a pair of regular 10-sided dice of varying colors.


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