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Sword Smithing


Interested how a modern swordsmith works on a blade?

Brilliant!  If you enjoyed that, you might also like the show called Forged in Fire:  It's not quite as technical as this video, but does have a great array of different weapons made across the series, and uses simpler techniques that seem to be more accessible to the home hobbyist.

  I took a blade smithing class from world class swordsmith Vince Evans. I learned how to forge Damascus steel, temper blades and make every step from forge welding to the final furniture work.
  Now that I'm retired, I can do all the work I've been putting off for years.

Vince Evans blade...I have three in my collection.

 New workshop... Have to get the forge setup outside.

On a similar journey myself. Finished my forge build yesterday (twin burner, 900mm-long chamber).

  I started out, years ago, manufacturing SCA armor:

...and giving lectures on Medieval equipment and combat:

  I also taught a fencing school...


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