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Looking for 2-3 players for a Sunday game (every other or every depending on players) to join two new players and one with several years exp. More than a few years exp as a GM have a few house rules playing RMC
Game start time noon central time, to run until called for the day. Using roll20 VTT with discord for chat

Do you have a ballpark time on when you would expect to end for the day?  are we talking expected sessions of 2-3 hours, 2-6 hours?
What kind of house rules?
starting level 1 or some other level?

I am interested. Any more information?

Do you need info from me?

We have been stopping around 4 or 5, with a few breaks for the smokers
I'd like to set a time to chat on discord if your interested to go over house rules and setting info. I have after 1 on Saturdays free or anytime on Sundays for a sit down. Starting characters at first level

Not available this weekend because of Easter
Could be available for Discord chat Sat April 10, or Sunday April 11


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