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Re: Development Points revisited?
« Reply #20 on: November 19, 2020, 04:53:06 PM »
Example of how adding skills can change DP.
One discussion I remember of how adding skills can change a game as well as DP expenditures was a group that was playing RM2 in Middle Earth and they wanted to add in skills such as Stunned Maneuvering (I do not remember if it was new to them, if it was a new skill or if they decided not to use it at the beginning) as well as some skills from War Law and other martial skills (home rules) as well as magic skills (RM2 EC skills, Spell Mastery (from what ever book it came out in or maybe they decided not to use it from the beginning and then decided to add it in) and some house rules spell skills).
The new skills required players to remake their PC's as the skills had a huge impact on game play and PC's who did not were behind the cure so to speak.

IIRC the Ranger profession's skill costs were changed in different printings and in different books. In the mid 90's a person in the group I was playing in was making a spread sheet DP/skill tracker and I was using info from my original RM2 core book and he was using a version from a RoCo.
I think after some searching they found 4+ different DP skill cost versions with some having a bigger impact on DP expenditures then others.
This is one huge advantage I see today with easy access to games official rule changes published on the web. In the case of the Ranger above a company could say test out these skill cost changes and report back and publish updated material.   

RMSS Example Combat Styles:
Another good example is Combat Styles had a huge impact on my RMSS game and thus a redesign of PC's and NPC's, how to use them in combat as well as other things.
It is good that the idea should be included in core rules.

Bacon Law: A book so good all PC's need to be recreated.
Rule #0: A GM has the right to change any rule in a book to fit their game.
Role Play not Roll Play.
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Re: Development Points revisited?
« Reply #21 on: November 20, 2020, 03:20:33 AM »
So, it's almost 2021 now (years have passed).
1. How many DPs do your RMC/RM2 characters get?
2. Do you keep separate DPs for primary and secondary skills?

The sheet I use has 14 stats, each stat contributes half DP's as normal. This means approx. 40% more DP's than default RM2.
(Extra stats,
ELOQUENCE (RM2 III. Additional stat not ME replacement),
APPEARANCE (not sure what book its out of),
DEXTERITY (extra house rule stat).)
I find the game can handle this extra stuff when using computer aids.

2. No. I mostly ignore primary / secondary classification. They are just all skills.
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