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Director's Briefing - March 2020
« on: March 06, 2020, 03:53:37 PM »

To the one hundred-and-fifth Briefing and third Briefing of 2020.

Shadow World

Terry Amthor latest mini-adventure for Shadow World, entitled Aalk Vaalg : The Citadel of Osaran, is now available on DriveThruRPG. This is set in the Zor Wastes, dovetailing neatly with characters and scenarios from the refreshed Haalkitaine sourcebook. This is an opportunity for adventurers to infiltrate the fortress of the High Priest Dansart and confound his evil plans. Or suffer a painful death on monster talons in the Wastes or at the hands of cultists – this is the Shadow World after all! The adventure has stats for Rolemaster Classic/RM 2nd Edition and RMSS/RMFRP. You can purchase the adventure for 2 USD at the following link:

Terry is back on the writing of Emer IV and has already started thinking about some of the art we will need to commission for it. He has been thinking about the next mini-adventure as well.


I have been working on HARP Beyond the Veil. Not finished yet, but back into the thick of it. Checking the allocations of spells to sample deities and religions, mainly to see if there is anything that Jon has missed and if there are any spells from HARP Subterfuge and the manuscript of HARP Something Wicked Something Wondrous.

Ever more art continues to be commissioned and arrive for HARP Subterfuge, HARP Bestiary and HARP Garden of Rain. HARP Subterfuge is definitely in the lead for completion. It looks like we might be art complete by end of May for Subterfuge.

ERA for Rolemaster

We have released the 64-bit Mac version of ERA for Rolemaster. Max is very grateful for all the feedback he has received from ERA users in this process. Please let us know if there are any glitches.

Until next time

Back to HARP Beyond the Veil and the rest of the main queue.

Best wishes,

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Re: Director's Briefing - March 2020
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2020, 04:59:45 PM »
Still waiting on RMU to have something new for news. I am running a game at Gen Con and only Have the Beta 2 rules to work with. Any updates from what was published from the downloads and combat charts I do not have. Would like to get these to make sure RMU goes off as close to RAW as possible. The combat in the guide was very clunky and size categories count, which are not reflected in any chart. What is the update on this? ATM I do not need a Creature Manual just the rest of the stuff.
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