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Director's Briefing - November 2019
« on: November 03, 2019, 02:40:44 PM »

To the one hundred-and-first Briefing and tenth Briefing of 2019.

Dragonmeet 2019

Dragonmeet is coming and indeed is on 30th of this month. We will be attending in force and hoping that Haalkitaine will be ready in time for an early print release. To make life easier for our customers, I have upgraded our handheld payment device; the new reader handles credit and debit cards by chip-and-pin, swipe and contactless.

We look forward to seeing some of you at Dragonmeet.

Shadow World

Speaking of Haalkitaine, Terry finished the remaining new adventures. Simultaneously the RMSS stats have been arriving in waves for inclusion in the new sourcebook. Layout is done bar the RMSS pages and the TOC.

Meanwhile Terry has been working on another mini-adventure. Once he finishes that, he will return to Emer IV.


Aaron has been seen deep in the innards of Creature Law resolving a number of issues relating to creatures having too many unallocated points.

HARP Fantasy and HARP SF

Lots of artwork has now been commissioned for HARP Subterfuge with more still to allocate. Some pieces have already arrived.

Colin has generated the artwork list for HARP Garden of Rain and is starting to commission that art too. Joel has already sent over some excellent maps.

On HARP Bestiary, I have completed my work on the expanded Base Movement Rate table (swimmers, flyers, quadrupeds and multilegged creatures move at different rates to normal bipeds) and you guessed it, I have sent it over to Colin who has already produced an artwork list.

I have now moved on to the revised version of HARP Beyond the Veil – Jon Cassie made various additions at my request so I have a modest editing sweep to perform.

My queue is therefore now HARP Beyond the Veil, Cyradon, Priest-King and RMU.

Until next time

The next scheduled Briefing will be in December 2019.

Best wishes,

Director, Iron Crown Enterprises Ltd

Dr Nicholas HM Caldwell
Director, Iron Crown Enterprises Ltd
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Re: Director's Briefing - November 2019
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2019, 08:20:09 AM »
If RMU comes out in 2020, then would it be a 40th anniversary since 1980s Arm's Law?

To me, it would sound like the perfect year for publication, if possible.

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Re: Director's Briefing - November 2019
« Reply #2 on: November 05, 2019, 10:38:47 AM »
Let's just hope it makes it before the 50th! ;)