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Looking for more players for online RMC campaign

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Looking for a couple of extra players to join our (mixture of low and high fantasy) long term campaign. Will be using Fantasy Grounds as the VTT. I have the standard license (and have purchased the Ultimate license for Unity on the Kickstarter).

Day of week and time: Friday 11.00-16.00 UTC
Planned Duration & Frequency: Once a week.
Term: Campaign has been running for about 9 mths.  And will run for a while yet!

Text or Voice: Voice
Voice software used: Discord server (headset preferred)

Roleplay & Combat mix: 50/50
Number of Players in game & needed: Currently 5 players, an extra 1-2 players required.
Character starting level & equipment: The current players are Lvl 6 or Lvl 7. So that will be your starting level.
Character restrictions: Mostly "good" characters but no restriction on class. No elves... half-elves and half-orcs available… but expect significant in game prejudice!

Me: Long time player of many RPG's. Have DM'ed mainly AD&D and Rolemaster, but always loved RM as a player.

You: Don't take it personally, but I'd prefer mature players. No munchkin min-maxers. Must be willing to commit to the regular timeslot (when it's decided). If you could detail your experience (FG and RM) that will help.

The aim is to have fun in the RMC world.

Hi there,

I am interested in the idea of Rolemaster, but I only got to play once many (many) years ago. I have the present RMFRP, but not the first or second edition. Which one are you running?

And what time zone are you in?

Hmm... is that Perth, West Australia?

If that's the case I can't join. The time zone difference is too high.

Too bad it's during Friday afternoon US, if it was on the weekend I'd be interested.

To note(PDT -7GMT) for West Coast players, this has a start time of early morning(4/5AM) with a run time of 4-5 hours most days.

It is great for those wanting to steal in some online game time with RM Classic - a rarity - before having to get to work or before the busy weekend hits!


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